What HB 7189 is all About

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HB 7189 does the following:


  • Requires at least half of the annual evaluation to be based on individual student progress, also called student learning gains, (essentially how much a student learns during the school year as measured by standardized tests), starting in 2014 – 2015 school year.  Currently, no data on student learning is required as part of a teacher or administrator evaluation.
  • Allows districts to use three consecutive years of data to measure learning gains.
  • Requires classroom teachers to be evaluated based on progress of students in their class.
  • Requires administrators and non-classroom teachers to be evaluated on average student learning gain of students school-wide.
  • Requires two evaluations in the first year for new teachers, teachers from other states, and teachers who have not taught within five years.
  • Requires evaluations to have four levels of performance – highly effective, effective, needs improvement and unsatisfactory– which will be defined by the Department of Education in collaboration with teachers and compensation experts.


  • Requires school districts to adopt a salary schedule based upon the new 4-level evaluation system.
  • Requires higher salaries for teachers and administrators who:
    • are assigned to a low-income or low-performing school (i.e., high need schools),
    • teach in subject that has a shortage of teachers such as math or science (i.e., high need subject areas), or are assigned additional academic responsibility.
  • Allows educational degrees to be considered in setting the salary schedule.
  • Prohibits the use of years of service in setting the salary schedule; however, a district can provide raises based upon the “years of student progress” when determining pay.
  • Establishes a dedicated pool of funding, equal to 5% of the total state, local, and federal public school funding (approximately $900 million) to:
    • Provide salary increases for teachers in high need schools or high need subject areas
    • Provide salary increases for teachers whose students are making progress (teachers who are rated highly effective or effective on the new evaluation system)
    • Develop end-of-course assessments to measure individual student progress,

To see what else HB 7189 does, click here


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